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Hello internet traveler

Somehow, you’ve stumbled into what we mortals refer to as “my old blog.” It dosen’t really represent my musical taste anymore, but I’m leaving it up for historical purposes. You can find my new work, periodically, on my YouTube channel, of which music is one of many and any topics!

If you’d like, you can also contact me on RateYourMusic. My profile there offers a much better portrait of my taste.

But if for some reason you wanna stick around and read some old reviews of mine (MOST of which are still archived here, but some seem to be missing) then go ahead. Enjoy I guess.



I'm a teenager who writes about music, movies, and other popular art in a style somewhere between George Starostin, Bob Chipman, John McFerrin, and sometimes William Zinsser. It's worse then it sounds.

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