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I’ve abritarily decided something needs to change (ANNOUNCEMENT)

Hi. I’m Steven. I write the words with the things.

One of the primary reasons I started writing this blog with a one post per week schedule was to keep me writing. I struggle with lack of motivation in my life, and there’s nothing more toxic then a writer who doesn’t write. So why not give myself an imaginary audience to please?

In a lot of ways, it turned out a lot better then expected. I’ve only missed a few deadlines (barring vacation time), and I’ve definitely started paying more attention to my writing, even trimming down my insufferable tendency towards insane digressions and intentionally loose verbiage.

All this doesn’t do much to counter the fact that sitting down to write a complete, track-by-track album of a review every week is something I find much more draining then I should. This is especially evident in some of my early 60s reviews, where there’s not a lot of describable variety to break down (at least not in my realm of writing chops).

At the same time, I’ve accidentally learned that I’m more adept at shorter, more general opinions. These are the “bitesize reviews” I’ve peppered throughout the last few months. I’ve written them for a while now, initially for someone in a writing course I recently took (he also enjoys writing about music) before also posting them on RateYourMusic (you can find me here, yay!). They’ve made up the bulk of my writing these past few months, as I’m usually able to churn out 3-5 per week.

Since I’ve been sitting on this more consistent source of content for a while now, I guess I’ll finally use it.

The “Bitesize Review” format is now the standard for my reviews, and I’m aiming for at least three per week.

I will still be doing in-depth song-by-song breakdowns and Teahouse Rambles, but only when I have the motivation. This lets me not only put out more content, but content that’s easier to read, edit, and format.

A review of Black Sabbath’s debut should be coming up soon. I also have Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs, David Bowie’s Hunky Dory, Slint’s Spiderland and the Rolling Stone’s Sticky Fingers lined up, though whether I’ll get them all done this week remains to be seen.

Even if no one reads my content, I’ll at least be able to keep writing and try to not let my friend down. We’ll see how long I can keep this up, especially when I head to Pennsylvania this fall.

I must stress that full reviews are not gone. Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and The Who will have all their albums covered in detail, as well as any other albums I feel deserve it. The annotation to this whole thing is that I’m writing the short reviews as a “first impressions” series after two or three listens, so I may return to albums I previously covered in a short review for a full one (Trout Mask Replica, having recently climbed into my all-time top 15, will be one of them).

I’ve decided to revamp my rating system as well, but just a little bit. A 10+ “cosmic masterpiece” rating is no longer determined by the categorical ratings, it’s determined simply by an album being a transcendent experience.

Oh yeah, and there should be a Teahouse Ramble in the neighborhood. It’s about Little Shop of Horrors. Squee!

In conclusion, I forgot what we were talking about.



I'm a teenager who writes about music, movies, and other popular art in a style somewhere between George Starostin, Bob Chipman, John McFerrin, and sometimes William Zinsser. It's worse then it sounds.

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